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Vacant Home Tips

Here are a few tips, besides installing an alarm system, that homeowners might want to look into to help safe guard their property:


Exterior Tips:
  • Shrubbery should never block the view of your doors and windows. An intruder may hide behind the shrubbery while trying to gain access to the house.
  • Good exterior lighting. An inexpensive timer or photoelectric cell will automatically turn lights on at dusk and off at dawn.
  • Make sure any mail or newspaper delivery is picked up and not piling up.
  • If possible, leave a car in the driveway.
  • Mow the lawn in warm weather and shovel the walk and driveway in cold.
  • Keep garage doors closed and locked.
  • Cover garage windows so people cannot see if the garage is empty.
  • Make sure windows are locked. In addition to the lock, inside the residence, place a length of wood on top of the window to the top of the frame, preventing the window frombeing raised from the outside.
  • Use a timer to have a lamp of two turn on at night.
Other inexpensive outdoor deterrents:
  • Signs: Beware of Dog, Operation ID, Neighborhood Group Watch, or alarm signs can be purchased on-line.
  • Trusted family members and neighbors parking a car at the residence and/or stopping by and staying for a while.
  • Hunting “Trail Cameras” that use Infrared Flash, may be placed in the residence to help catch the suspect(s) in the event the residence is broken into.
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