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Scottsdale Area Information

The City of Scottsdale is an exciting and dynamic community that has matured since its incorporation in 1951 as a City of 2,000 citizens into the sophisticated and cultured southwestern City of today. The City continues to grow each year and has seen a nearly 10% increase in population since 2000. Scottsdale boasts a highly-educated population with 46% of individuals 25 and older having at least a bachelors degree, significantly higher than the State or National percentages. Additionally, income levels in Scottsdale are among the highest in the State. This is truly a community where economic prosperity and lifestyle converge.

The Scottsdale area was originally inhabited by the Hohokam, one of the four major prehistoric archeological cultures in the region that is now the American Southwest. From 800 AD to 1400 AD, this ancient civilization farmed the area and built irrigation canals, constructing more than 125 miles (201 km) of canals, much of which remains extant today

Before European settlement, Scottsdale was a Pima village known as Vaṣai S-vaṣonĭ, meaning “rotting hay.” Some Pima remained in their original homes well into the 20th century. For example, until the late 1960s, there was a still-occupied traditional dwelling on the southeast corner of Indian Bend Road and Hayden Road. Currently, those Pima who live within Scottsdale reside in newer homes rather than traditional dwellings. Many Pima and Maricopa people continue to reside on the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community, which borders Scottsdale directly to the east.

The first white company staked claim in the region in 1868. Jack Swilling set up the Swilling Irrigation Canal Company to refurbish and improve upon the ancient irrigation system originally constructed by the Hohokam. However, the influx of Anglos would not significantly increase until twenty years later. In the early 1880s, U.S. Army Chaplain, Winfield Scott, who was lured in to help promote Phoenix and the surrounding area, was impressed with the region and paid the paltry sum of $2.50 an acre for a 640-acre (2.6 km2) stretch of land where the city is now located. Winfield’s brother, George Washington Scott, became the first resident of the town, which was then known as Orangedale. The Scott brothers were known as adept farmers, capable of cultivating citrus fruits, figs, potatoes, peanuts and almonds in the desert town. Scott was known to have encouraged others to create a desert farming community in the region. The town’s name was changed to Scottsdale in 1894.

By 1912, the Ingleside Inn, located just south of the Arizona Canal and west of the Crosscut Canal (Indian School Road at about 64th Street) in what is today Scottsdale was billed as metro Phoenix’s first resort.

Also in 1912, both the Phoenix Street Railway Company and a competitor, the Salt River Valley Electric Railway Company, proposed building streetcar lines to Scottsdale but due to an economic downturn, neither was built.

In 1937, internationally renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright set up his “winter camp” at the foot of the McDowell Mountains, establishing what is now known as Taliesin West. Scottsdale and the rest of Phoenix have seen an everlasting influence from Frank Lloyd Wright. Many buildings throughout the region were designed by the famous architect. His significant influence on the regional architecture is commemorated through a major street which bears his name and a 125-foot (38 m) spire memorial in North Scottsdale.

The city was incorporated on June 25, 1951. The seal, depicting a mounted cowboy surrounded by a 64-pointed starburst, was designed by Mrs. Gene Brown Pennington.

Total Population 202,705  
Male 48.2%  
Female 51.8%  
18 years and over 80.7%  
65 years and over 16.7%  
Married Persons 55.9%  
Single Persons 44.1%  
Median Age 41.0  
Average Family Size 2.79  
Housing Characteristics    
Total Housing Units 104,949  
Median Home Cost $220,800  
Number of Households 90,669  
Persons per Household 2.22  
Economic Characteristics    
Median Household Income $57,484  
Per Capita Income $39,158  
In Labor Force 64.5%  
Families below poverty level 3.4%  
Education Characteristics    
School Enrollment
Elementary School Enrollment 18,244  
High School Enrollment 8,238  
College or Graduate School 13,251  
Educational Attainment Population 25 years and older
High School Graduate 16.4%  
Associates Degree 6.6%  
Bachelor’s Degree 29.4%  
Graduate or Professional Degree 14.7%  
Arizona Office of Tourism

Serving the Following Areas:

Alcazar Scottsdale 85255
Ancala Scottsdale 85259
Arabian Crest Scottsdale 85254
Arabian Views Scottsdale 85254
Arizona Silverado Scottsdale 85255
Arroyo Verde Scottsdale 85259
Avant Scottsdale 85254
Aviara Scottsdale 85260
Barclay Place Scottsdale 85254
Bella Montagna Scottsdale 85259
Bella Tierra Scottsdale 85262
Bella Vista – Scottsdale 85260
Bellasera Scottsdale 85266
Bent Tree Scottsdale 85260
Bent Tree Desert Estates Scottsdale 85255
Berryessa Scottsdale 85260
Briarwood Scottsdale 85250
Buenavante Scottsdale 85260
Cabo Del Rey Scottsdale 85260
Cabo Del Rio Scottsdale 85260
Cactus Gates Scottsdale 85259
Cactus Glen Scottsdale 85254
Cactus Villas Scottsdale 85260
Cameldale Scottsdale 85251
Camelot Ranch Scottsdale 85260
Canada Ridge Scottsdale 85255
Canada Vistas Scottsdale 85255
Cantada Scottsdale 85262
Canyon Heights Scottsdale 85255
Carino Canyon Scottsdale 85259
Carriage Trails Scottsdale 85262
Casa Buena Scottsdale 85258
Catavina Scottsdale 85259
Century Club Estates Scottsdale 85254
Century North Scottsdale 85254
Charter Point Scottsdale 85258
Chateau De Vie Scottsdale 85250
Cholla Ridge Scottsdale 85259
Continental Foothills Scottsdale 85254
Costa Verde Scottsdale 85260
Country Trace Scottsdale 85254
Country Trace Scottsdale 85260
Cox Heights Scottsdale 85257
Cresta Norte Scottsdale 85262
Crown View Estates Scottsdale 85262
DC Ranch Scottsdale 85255
Del Camino Ranch Scottsdale 85254
Desert Diamond Scottsdale 85262
Desert Estates Scottsdale 85254
Desert Highlands Scottsdale 85255
Desert Mountain Scottsdale 85262
Desert Orchid Scottsdale 85259
Desert Paradise Estates Scottsdale 85254
Desert Rose Scottsdale 85260
Desert Shadows Scottsdale 85260
Desert Skyline Estates Scottsdale 85255
Desert Springs Scottsdale 85266
Desert Summit Scottsdale 85262
Desert Village Scottsdale 85255
Desert Wind Scottsdale 85260
Eagle Point Scottsdale 85260
Eagles Glen Scottsdale 85255
El Paseo Estates Scottsdale 85260
Equestrian Manor Scottsdale 85254
Estancia Scottsdale 85262
Gainey Ranch Scottsdale 85258
Gainey Village Scottsdale 85258
Golden Keys Scottsdale 85251
Granite Mountain Ranch Scottsdale 85262
Grayhawk Scottsdale 85255
Greenbrier Scottsdale 85254
Greenway Park Scottsdale 85254
Hacienda Del Rey Scottsdale 85257
Hamelot Scottsdale 85254
Happy Valley Ranch Scottsdale 85255
Hermosa Heights Scottsdale 85255
Hidden Hills Scottsdale 85259
Horseman`s Park Scottsdale 85260
Ironwood Retreat Scottsdale 85262
Ironwood Village Scottsdale 85255
Jason Manor Scottsdale 85258
Kierland Scottsdale 85254
Knoell Scottsdale 85259
La Buena Vida Estates Scottsdale 85262
La Cienega Scottsdale 85260
La Colina Scottsdale 85259
La Cuesta Scottsdale 85258
La Tierra Estates Scottsdale 85260
La Vista Scottsdale 85255
Ladera Vista Scottsdale 85255
Laguna San Juan Scottsdale 85250
Las Colonias Scottsdale 85254
Las Haciendas Scottsdale 85254
Las Piedras Scottsdale 85266
Legend Trail Scottsdale 85262
Liberty Square Scottsdale 85254
Lone Mountain Vista Scottsdale 85262
Los Abrigados Scottsdale 85250
Los Alisos Scottsdale 85266
Los Diamantes Scottsdale 85259
Lost Canyon Scottsdale 85255
Maravilla Scottsdale Phoenix 85254
McCormick Ranch Scottsdale 85258
McDowell Mountain Ranch Scottsdale 85255
McDowell Ranchos Scottsdale 85260
McDowell Shadow Estates Scottsdale 85260
Merit Crossing Scottsdale 85255
Mirabel Scottsdale 85262
Montana Ranch Scottsdale 85259
Montana Vistas Scottsdale 85259
Monte De Paz Scottsdale 85262
Monteloma Scottsdale 85259
Monterra Scottsdale 85255
Mountainview Ranch Scottsdale 85260
Norma Estates Scottsdale 85254
North Ranch Scottsdale 85254
Oakhurst Scottsdale 85254
Orangetree Estates Scottsdale 85254
Orangetree Villas Scottsdale 85254
Paloma Paseo Scottsdale 85259
Palos Verdes Scottsdale 85260
Palos Verdes Ranch Scottsdale 85254
Papago Parkway Scottsdale 85257
Paradise Heights Scottsdale 85259
Paradise Manor Scottsdale 85254
Paradise Park Vista Scottsdale 85254
Paradise Valley Farms Scottsdale 85258
Paradise Valley Mirada Scottsdale 85254
Paradise Valley Ranchos Scottsdale 85260
Paradise Village North Scottsdale 85254
Paradise Vista Estates Scottsdale 85259
Park Scottsdale 85250
Paso Fino Estates Scottsdale 85260
Patterson Ranch Scottsdale 85260
Pavoreal Scottsdale 85251
Pima Acres Scottsdale 85255
Pinnacle Foothills Scottsdale 85262
Pinnacle Paradise Scottsdale 85255
Pinnacle Peak Scottsdale 85255
Pinnacle Peak Country Club Scottsdale 85255
Pinnacle Peak Estates Scottsdale 85255
Pinnacle Peak Heights Scottsdale 85255
Pinnacle Peak Paradise Scottsdale 85262
Pinnacle Peak Ranchos Scottsdale 85262
Pinnacle Peak Shadows Scottsdale 85255
Pinnacle Peak Villas Scottsdale 85255
Pinnacle Peak Vistas Scottsdale 85255
Pinnacle Reserve Scottsdale 85255
Powderhorn Ranch Scottsdale 85260
Prado Estates Scottsdale 85255
Preston Hills Scottsdale 85259
Princess Views Scottsdale 85255
Pueblo Bonito Scottsdale 85259
Rancho Saguaro Scottsdale 85254
Rancho Trinadad Scottsdale 85259
Rancho Verde Scottsdale 85259
Raskin Estates Scottsdale 85254
Rio Montana Scottsdale 85259
Rio Mountain Estates Scottsdale 85262
Rio Verde Foothills Scottsdale 85262
Rosalee Ranch Scottsdale 85260
Ryan Estates Scottsdale 85254
Sabino Estates Scottsdale 85259
Saddle Rock Ranch Scottsdale 85259
Saddleview Scottsdale 85259
Sagewood Scottsdale 85260
Saguaro Estates Scottsdale 85266
Saguaro Highlands Scottsdale 85262
Sand Flower Scottsdale 85262
Santiago Scottsdale 85254
Santuario Scottsdale 85255
Scottsdale Country Club Scottsdale 85260
Scottsdale Estates Scottsdale 85258
Scottsdale Foothills Scottsdale 85259
Scottsdale Horizon Scottsdale 85260
Scottsdale Links Estates Scottsdale 85250
Scottsdale Mountain Scottsdale 85259
Scottsdale Ranch Scottsdale 85258
Scottsdale Stonebrook Scottsdale 85255
Scottsdale Vista Scottsdale 85260
Scottsdale Vista North Scottsdale 85260
Shea North Estates Scottsdale 85254
Sierra Estates Scottsdale 85259
Sierra Foothills Scottsdale 85259
Sierra Norte Scottsdale 85262
Sierra Ridge Scottsdale 85259
Sincuidados Scottsdale 85266
Sonora Vista Scottsdale 85259
Sonoran Arroyos Scottsdale 85259
Sonoran Crest Scottsdale 85255
Sonoran Heights Scottsdale 85259
Sonoran Highlands Scottsdale 85255
Sonoran Hills Scottsdale 85255
Southwest Village Scottsdale 85251
Stonegate Scottsdale 85259
Stonehaven Scottsdale 85259
Stoneridge Estates Scottsdale 85260
Sunburst Estates Scottsdale 85254
Sunburst Farms Scottsdale 85254
Sundown Manor Scottsdale 85260
Sundown Ranch Estates Scottsdale 85260
Sundown Ranchos Scottsdale 85260
Sunrise Desert Vistas Scottsdale 85262
Sunrise Estates Scottsdale 85260
Sunset Ridge Scottsdale 85254
Sweetwater Ranch Scottsdale 85260
Tamarron Scottsdale 85255
Tami Estates Scottsdale 85254
Tatum Horizons Scottsdale 85254
Tatum Park Scottsdale 85254
Tatum Square Scottsdale 85254
Terravita Scottsdale 85266
The Boulders Scottsdale 85262
The Covey Scottsdale 85254
The Peak Scottsdale 85255
The Preserve Scottsdale 85266
The Trails Scottsdale 85257
Third Avenue Lofts Scottsdale 85251
Trails at Scottsdale 85257
Trails End Scottsdale 85254
Trails North Scottsdale 85254
Trailside at Manzanita Ranch Scottsdale 85260
Treviso Scottsdale 85262
Triple Crown Scottsdale 85254
Troon North Scottsdale 85262
Troon Village Scottsdale 85255
Trovia Scottsdale 85262
Ventana Foothills Scottsdale 85259
Via Linda Estates Scottsdale 85259
Via Verano Scottsdale 85259
Villa De Sorano Scottsdale 85254
Villa Del Oro Scottsdale 85253
Villa Monterey Scottsdale 85250
Villa Tierra Scottsdale 85260
Village Grove Scottsdale 85251
Vista Monterey Scottsdale 85255
Vista Parc Scottsdale 85260
Vistana Scottsdale 85255
Whisper Rock Scottsdale 85262
Windgate Ranch Scottsdale 85259
Winfield Scottsdale 85266
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